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The Ministry of Education is one of the nine departments of the Executive Branch of the National Government of the Republic of Palau, responsible for the education of Palau's children. The mission of the Republic of Palau's Ministry of Education, in partnerhsip with parents and community, is to ensure that our children and youth preserve Palauan culture and become contributing citizens and productive workers in a changing world. This will establish a high quality of life and security for future generations of Palauans. *****

The ministry is headed by a cabinet level position, the Minister of Education Mr. Sinton Soalablai. Two bureaus, Curriculum and Instruction, and Educational Administration, implements the goals and strategies of the ministry. To achieve its mission, the ministry runs the public school system, and charters private schools, to provide the constittutionally mandated formal education for students aged 6 to 17 (or till graduation from high school).

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The ministry has two bureaus and five divisions and many lower level management units, specified in the organizational chart. Various foundational documents also provide information regarding its purpose and function.


The ministry provides educational services to Palau's children ages 6-17. It operates public schools and charters private schools which cover elementary (grades 1-8) and high school (grades 9-10). There are 18 public and 6 private schools.

Other Programs

The student lunch program provides lunch for all public school students. Student busing services is provided for certain schools. The Special Education Part B grant provides services for special education students.