Ministry of Education


What We Do

Vision: "Our students will be successful in the Palauan society and the world."

Mission: "In partnerhsip with parents and community, is to ensure that our children and youth preserve Palauan culture and become contributing citizens and productive workers in a changing world."

It is the policy of the national government to provide for an educational system which shall enable the citizens of Palau to participate fully in the progressive development of the Republic as well as to gain knowledge in all areas. To this end, the purposes of education in the Republic are to:

  • increase citizen participation in economic and social development,
  • unify the Republic by giving the people knowledge of their islands, economy, government and [the] world, and
  • provide citizens of the Republic with the knowledge and skills required for self-development and the development of the Republic.

The Ministry of Education is one of the nine departments of the Executive Branch of the National Government of the Republic of Palau. It is responsible for the education of Palau's children ages 6-17.

The ministry is headed by a cabinet level position, the Minister of Education. It implements its strategies and goals through two bureaus, Curriculum and Instruction and Education Administration.

Direct services to children are delivered through sixteen public and six private elementary and high schools. The ministry operates the public schools. The private schools are independently operated under charter from the ministry.


Minister of Education
Dr. Dale Jenkins

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The MOE operates 16 public schools and charters 6 private schools to serve children aged 6-17.   More ...